We are specialized in supplying crop and grain harvesting machinery to meet the high automation of agricultural machines. We can offer rice/wheat harvester, corn harvester, potato harvester, and other harvesters used to harvest sesame and grass seeds. We also export various planting and seeding equipments. Top quality and competitive price. Choose us, you won’t be disappointed.
Rice/Wheat Harvester Our hot-sell Rice/Wheat Harvesters are used for harvesting wheat and rice grain. From mini harvester to large combine harvester for your choice. Wide applicability in both dry and wet field. Easy operation. High efficiency!
Other Harvesters Specialized designed harvesters to harvest corn, potato, sesame and grass seeds. Ideal investment for home-use and small or medium farm plants. Competitive price and durability!
Planting and Seeding Machine Planting and Seeding Machine has various models to choose and wide application for various crop and grain planting. Reasonable price, easy operation, high efficiency!