Gasoline Olive/Nut Harvester


Introduction of Gasoline Olive Harvester
Gasoline Olive Harvester is mainly used to harvest the olives, almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans and other nuts from nut trees in the orchard. It’s especially suitable for Mediterranean countries and other countries where olive trees widely grow. This machine adopts international standard material, processed by advanced machines with strict control. We have multiple powers for you to choose from freely, all are from 2-4 meters long, allow a natural fall of fruits and don’t damage the branches of the plant. Besides gasoline type olive picker, we also supply electric type olive harvester for your choice.
Advantages of Gasoline Olive Harvesterolive
* Novel appearance, compact structure and light weight.
* Multiple powers to choose from.
* Long telescopic pole length: 2-4 meters.
* Good performance. Adopt international standard material, processed by advanced machines with strict control. * Each machine has undergone aging test and 10 hours strengthen commissioning.
* High toughness plastics, strong durability aluminum parts, long service life.
Composition of Gasoline Olive Harvester
Gasoline olive harvester machine is composed of two parts of telescopic poles that can be connected, accelerator switch, handles, engine, head, etc. Different power for your choice, and the length is 2-4 meters’ long.


Working Principle of Gasoline Olive Harvester
The gasoline olive harvester machine is powered by gasoline engine. Start the power by pulling the starter rope, and the head will shake and make the fruit fall from the tree. The accelerator switch on the rod is utilized to adjust the power, further controlling the shaking frequency of the head. The two parts of telescopic poles can be connected to adding the length.
Technical Specification of Gasoline Olive Harvester

Model WR-44
Engine 1E44F-52-cycle
Oil/Gasoline Mmixing Ratio 1:2.5
Total Length 2-4m
Displacement 49CC
Ignition CDI
Power 1.8kw
Start System Recoil
Shaft Dia. 24mm
Engine Carton 72*39.5*22cm
Engine G.W./N.W. 9.5/8kg
Shaft Carton 210*12*10cm
Shaft G.W./N.W. 3.5/2.5kg
Remark Gasoline Model

High Quality of Gasoline Olive Harvester
※ Material. All aluminum parts, like tank, cylinder, aluminum pipe and so on, adopt the international standard ADC12 aluminum alloy crankshaft, processed by 206 foam carburizing quenching material (The best material) machining center, controlled in 3 wire.
※ Appearance. New nylon 66 material, with 30% glass fiber added, high strength and high toughness, low temperature and not easy craze.
※ Work. All metal parts are produced by digital processing center. All plastic parts are made by imported injection molding machine.
※ Assembly. All olive harvester assembly staff has more than two years’ operation experience. Both technical department and inspection department personnel have been focusing on the long term work of quality control and management.
※ Inspection. Each gasoline olive harvester machine has undergone aging test and 10 hours strengthen commissioning. The unqualified ones are not allowed to pass as the inspection rule indicates.





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