Crawler Type Small Rice Combine Harvester


Crawler Wheel Rice Combine Harvester Introduction
Self-propelled crawler wheel rice combine harvester is a type of agricultural equipment used for reaping rice crop. This rice combine harvester is capable of completing reaping, threshing, separating, cleaning and sieving in one smooth sequence. This crawler-type paddy harvester is practical for both wet and dry paddy field in plain, mountainous and hilly areas. It can satisfy various requirements of different users with its good balance performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance and high reliability.



Advantages of 4L-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester
* A number of national patent have been granted.
* This machine offers easy operation, good balance performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance and high reliability.


* The machine adapts to the operation at high yield paddy field and has good performance to access paddy field.
* New threshing mechanism, bigger area of threshing and separation, clean threshing effect.
* New cleaning mechanism, double fans and sieves, much cleaner.
* Lower ground pressure, better for passing in paddy field.
* Big width conveyor device with new lifting system can provide a more efficient feeding and a higher lifting level.
Application of Paddy Rice Combine Harvester
The self-propelled crawler wheel combine harvester is used for both wet and dry paddy field in mountainous area, hill, paddy field, terraced field, mud field, small field.
Technical Specification of Rice Combine Harvester

Model ALC7-4L-1.0
Type With two seats to operate
Dimension 3600*1700*1650mm
Feeding Rate 3.6T/h
Weight 1200kg
Effective Cutting Width 1350mm
Power 14.7-18.38kw
Productivity 1300-2700㎡/h
Total Loss Rate ≤3%
Broken Rate ≤1.0%
Impurities Rate ≤2.0%
Ground Clearance 200mm
Ground Pressure 24kPa

Tips of Using Rice Combine Harvester


1. Before starting, check the diesel oil, water and tire pressure, and whether drive chain and belt tension appropriate.
2. Check whether the main clutch and work clutch is reliable.
3. Check whether the steering clutch works normally or not.
4. Before using the new harvester, you must first have a running-in test.
5. Harvest can only be used at workⅠorⅡ file, Ⅲ file is strictly prohibited when working.


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