Driving Type Small Rice Combine Harvester


What Is Driving-type Small Rice Combine Harvester?


This driving-type small combine harvester is special designed for rice harvesting. It adopts new type compound threshing structure, may ensure clean threshing and complete separation. It can automatically reap, thresh and pack rice into bags at one time. So this mini rice harvester is an ideal equipment to harvest rice in hills and mountainous areas. We have three types: 0.5B is the normal one, 0.5E with the twice threshing, 0.5F with twice threshing and lift device. You can choose as your requirements.


Advantages of Driving-type Small Rice Combine Harvester
* Reasonable design, excellent threshing and selecting functions.
* Simple structure, flexible operation and easy to control, 1 people with bag for collecting grains.
* Low power consumption and strong compound threshing ability.
* Special wheel for paddy field.
* Stable performance, light in weight, and small volume, and carry convenience.
* Wide applicability, high efficiency, and short period for recovery of investment.


Composition and Application of Rice Combine Harvester
* This small rice combine harvester is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, chassis and the harvester. While the harvester part consists of the following devices and institutions: cutting device, conveying device, threshing device, the rear seat, operating mechanism, control mechanism, and the hydraulic lifting mechanism, etc.
* The small rice harvester has wide applicability, is suitable for mountainous area, hill, paddy field, terraced field, mud field, small field.


Technical Specification of Small Rice Combine Harvester

Model ALC7-4L-0.5B ALC7-4L-0.5E ALC7-4L-0.5F
Matched Power 11hp 192 diesel engine 12hp 196 diesel engine 12hp 196 diesel engine
Cutting Width 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Feeding Volume 0.5 kg/s 0.5 kg/s 0.5 kg/s
Productivity 530-1330m2/h    0.13-0.33 acre/h 530-1330m2/h   0.13-0.33 acre/h 530-1330m2/h   0.13-0.33 acre/h
Impurity and Broken Rrate                ≤3.0%              ≤1%             ≤2.0%              ≤0.2%               ≤2.0%                ≤0.2%
Total Losses Rice ≤3% Wheat ≤3% Rice ≤1% Wheat ≤1% Rice ≤1% Wheat ≤1%
Fuel Consumption 1-1.5 L/H 1-1.5 L/H 1-1.5 L/H
Weight 700kg (with engine) 700kg (with engine) 700kg (with engine)
Machine Size 3400*1400*1300mm 3400*1400*1300mm 3400*1400*1300mm

How to Harvest Rice with Combine Harvester?


* When the harvester works, the divider will separates the cutting grain crops, and lead crops to the cutter.
* The cutting machine will throw crops to the conveying groove entrance, then to the thresher entrance by the conveyor chain scraper.
* In threshing device, crops make the high speed rotating spiral motion in the threshing cylinder, and threshing device repeatedly hit and rub to complete the threshing and separating process.
* Also the stems are cut off by the screen, and thrown out, thus the whole process of combine harvest is completed.

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