Walking Type Small Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester


Walking Type Small Rice Combine Harvester Introduction
Walking-type small rice combine harvester, a kind of multi-functional combine harvester, is mainly suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting. It combines reaping, threshing, stripping, winnowing and packing into a single process. It relieves the farmers from heavy grain crops


harvesting work. And it is well received by customers and dealers both domestically and internationally due to its great adaptability, compact structure, reliable performance, flexible operation and easy maintenance.

Characters of Small Combine Harvester
* Applicable for mountainous area, hilly land, paddy field, terraced field and mud field, where the general combine harvester can not enter in.
* Light weight ensures flexible steering.


* Automatic, self-propelled harvester driven by diesel engine, suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting.
* Special wheel for paddy field, the depth of mud can reach to 30cm.
* The height of picking up can be adjusted casually.

Several Tips on Wheat/ Rice Harvesting
1. Harvesting Speed: During the late milk stage and early dough stage, the moisture content of the wheat/rice is high, so the slow harvesting speed is necessary. And in the dough stage or late dough stage, the harvesting speed can be a little faster due to the low moisture content and uniform maturity.


2. Harvesting Width: Operate the harvester at full capacity if the machine is in good condition. It is advisable that the working width is 90% of the header width.
3. Stubble Height: In the case of normal work, the height of stubble should keep 6cm-15cm.
4. Straight Driving: Straight driving is necessary. Before turning, reaping needs to be stopped, or the divider will lay over the standing crops, resulting in the miss-cutting.
Walking Type Small Combine Harvester Technical Data

Model ALC7-H4LZ
Type Walking Harvester
Engine Diesel Engine, Electric Starter, 6.6kw
Cutting Width 1m
Productivity 800-1000㎡/h
Feed Volume 0.6kg/s
Total Loss Rate ≤3%
Broken Rate ≤2%
Clearance from Chassis to Ground 25cm
N.W. 238kg (including power weight)
Weight after Packaging 380kg
Dimension 2280*1380*1280mm
Dimension after Packaging 2180*1280*1000mm
Package 8 sets/20ft container, 18 sets/40ft high cube


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