Overview of 4YZP-2 Type Corn Picking Machine

4YZP-2 type corn picking machine is able to snap, peel, chop straw at one time. The corn harvester can work on a narrow road and small patches. With 2 rows working at the same time, it takes small investment and gains a quick return.

2 rows maize picking machine harvester

Features of 4YZP-2 Type Corn Harvester

1. Using advanced technology to solve a variety of spacing adaptability;
2. Using the most sophisticated snapping plate snapping means less grain loss, adaptable;
3. Using new peeling machine front, branches peeling and anti-clogging can get high efficiency;
4.The shortest and lightest full-featured dual-row self-propelled machine;
5.Double rod, slider lift mechanism to increase the stability and the height of the cutting table;
6.hydraulic steering makes flexible operation comfort;
7.the main gear lever steering wheel on the right, hanging files easy and Comfortable.
8. Just a small investment can create fast returns and a large potential market.

small maize harvesting machine for ear corn picking

Tips on Using Rice Combine Harvester

1. While working, some necessary things should be pay attention to:
① Before working, the corn harvester should combine with stable working parts( clutch) and the accelerator from small to large and reaching the stable rate speed. Only like this, the maize harvester machine can begin to work.
② when the corn harvesting machinery is working, the cutting quality and the stubble height need to be checked regularly. What’s more, the height of the cutting table also should be adjusted timely according to the situation.
③ Depending on the amount of grain thrown to the ground we can check the ear snapping work, and normally, the grain loss would not be more than 0.5% of the total corn grain. So, When the loss is greater than the suitable proportion, we need to check the working gap picking between the ear plate.
④ when the Corn harvester is working, about 1-2 minutes of the corn harvester work rest is a good way for working parts to eliminate the left grain and avoid blocking. If the working parts are blocking, we should stop it and clear the blockage timely. Otherwise, it will cause an increase in friction and the component’s damage.
⑤ When the corn harvester turns or works in puddles, we should elevate the height of cutting machines to transport location. What’s more, in the field with the ditch, the corn harvester can only work along with the direction of the ditch.
2. In the testing of operation, it is better to control the speed of the corn harvester 20%~25% lower than the normal speed during the first 30 hours working. Then, the normal operation speed can be readjusted according to the specifications recommended. After the test run, we should thoroughly check the machine, including the adjustment accuracy of assembly, the working state of electrical equipment, etc., and replacing all reducers and closing the lubricating oil of gearbox.
3. Attention to be noticed before running test:
① Check each part, such as Stem cutter, intermediate shaft to see whether they are normal.
② Check whether the tension of v-belt and chain is appropriate.
③ Check whether there are tools or irrelevant items on the harvesting machine and all of the guards are in the right place.
④ Check whether fuel oil, engine oil, and lubricating oil are in good preparation.

Technical Data of 4YZP-2 Type Corn Harvester

Model NO.
Self-propelled Corn Harvester
Application Field
Dimensions(L × W× H)
Total Loss Rate
Whole weight
Working Speed( rpm)
Fuel Type
Grain Tank Capability
1.1 m3
Stubble Height
Wheel Base
Turning Wheel Base
Driving Wheel Base