Sweet corn must be processed timely after harvested, otherwise, the quality will be decreased rapidly. Our sweet corn deep processing line combines husking, cutting, and packing. It can remove the husk of fresh sweet corn automatically with a high husking rate and low kernel damage rate. It is ideal for complete equipment for sweet corn processing enterprises. The system is also suitable for processing waxy corn.

sweet corn processing equipment

Features of the Sweet Corn Husking System

1. The corn processed by the line is safe to consume.
a. Husking rubber rolls made by rubber, silica gel, and polyurethane which are non-toxic.
b. Bearing support adopts senior lubricants or white oil for food machinery.
c. Mainly stainless steel construction, especially the contact parts.
2. Rotating speed and tilting angle of the rubber rolls can be adjusted according to the breed of the corn, achieving high husking rate and low damage rate,
3. Automatic oil-filling to multi lube points, which ensures reliable operation, increases productivity and saves maintenance cost.
4. Taking low-voltage, over-voltage, and short circuit protection measures, you can use the machine safely.
5. Safety protective cover installed above the rubber rolls and material outlet, which can be lifted up and down for easy maintenance.
6. The support frame integrates all the units, has excellent rigidity and shock absorption.

commercial sweet corn processing

The Function of Various Sweet Corn Processing Equipment

1. Metering Conveyor (Optional)

Metering conveyor helps control the feed rate of corn ears precisely. Automatic step-less speed adjustment.

2. Vibration High-Pressure Steam Witer Machine(Optional)

Vibration High Temp Wilter Machine

Steam witer machine is used to wilt the husks of sweet corn ears to make the mouth soft so that to peel the husk easily. It is mainly for the stout waxy corn which has a tight mouth.

3. Vibration Feeder

The vibration feeder distributes the messy corn ears into the cornhusker orderly and evenly through vibration, achieving the effect of the highest husking rate and lowest kernel damage rate.

4. Automatic Sweet Corn Husker

sweet corn husker

Automatic sweet corn husker utilizes the friction force between the counter-rotating rubber rolls to peel the husk softly off the fresh corn. Increase shelling efficiency, reduce labor costs.

5. High-Pressure Cleaning Machine

A high-pressure cleaning machine is used for cleaning the shucked fresh corn and thoroughly removing the impurities on the ears. Adjustable speed, stable, and reliable operation.

6. Corn Orienter

Corn Orienter

Corn orienter can make the corn moving forward orderly to make preparation for kernel cutting and section cutting, saving labor, and increasing efficiency.

7. Sweet Corn Kernel Cutter

Sweet corn kernel cutter is specially designed to cut the corn kernel off the sweet corn and waxy corn. Automatic separation, high efficiency, long service life.

8. Section Cutting Machine

Section cutting machine can cut the corn ear in sections, increasing processing efficiency.

9. Automatic Packing Machine

The automatic packing machine can sew corn kernel bags automatically. It integrates bag delivery, edge folding, and sewing, increasing the tightness of the bag greatly.

10. Horizontal Conveyor Belt

Finished corn Product Conveyor

The conveyor belt conveys the corn from machine to machine. It ensures the high efficiency of the line, saving labor significantly.

11. Horizontal and Lifting Conveyor Belt for Wastes

After husking and kernel cutting, the husks, cobs, silks, and other wastes can be conveyed by the conveyor belt for further processing.