4YZ-3A Maize Harvester Machine Introduction

corn combine harvester machine

1. Adopt advanced technology, with the richest experience, our company become one of the leaders in this line.
2. Add the angle of the chain, it is lower the break off the rate of corn straw, improved the rate of clean
3. Adopt D3.5 walking transmission, bigger clutch friction plate, so add the torque of transfer.
4. Add primary heater unit in motor, suit to work in around lower temperature; Add the insulation in supercharger to prevent fire in the condition of high temperature.
5. The chopper, add an overrun clutch in the gearbox, it can extend the service life of the belt.
6. The mid crusher adopts self-grinding sharp blades with reasonable power transmission to achieve the ideal result of crushing and returning straws to fields.

Features of 4YZ-3A Corn Combine Harvester

details of 4YZ-3A Corn Combine Harvester

1) This corn combine harvester has a special cutter table, can cut the cornstalk into segments and return
to the field.
2) Special design in the peeing device, half metal rolls and half rubber rolls for each set of peeling device,
3) Flexible harvesting ways, multiple cutting points make rows distance unlimited.
4) Assembling shake sieve and seed recycling bins, can collect the fallen corn seed, reduce loss rate.
5)This design reduces the seed damage rate and makes corn cob complete.

Advantage-Performance of 4YZ-3A Corn Combine Harvester

1. Self-propelled machine, hydraulic step-less speed adjustment.
2. Hydraulic control lifting, good suitability of height, and row spacing.
3. Huge grain tank, hydraulic turning, high efficiency, and corn onion machine can save you more time as an optional part.
4. Compact structure, advantages of agility, lower loss, and impurities.
5. Stalk cutting back to the field meets customer’s requirements.
6. Equipped with reversing radar, improve driving safety.

application of maize combine harvester 4YZ-3A

Several Tips on Using 4YZ-3A Corn Harvesting Machinery

1. Adjust the header height timely according to the situation of the earth’s surface for ensuring the quality of the harvest.
2. Observe the situation of engine power and adjust speed timely. when the load is too large, it needs to reduce speed suitably.
3. Pay attention to its fluency in the process of grain elevator’s working carefully to avoid the stuck or blocking; And observe the box whether overload or not for unloading in time, lest Spill, or blocking while unloading the corn.
4. To ensure the quality, all corn combine harvesters should use the throttle regardless of the walking speed. What’s more, while working, it’s not allowed to back but it needs to raise the straw machine in turn.
5. It should make good preparation to perfect the work, like smoothing the ridge of field, marking the less obvious obstacles(well/ transmission pole), and so on.

Technical Specification of Self-propelled Corn Harvester

Number Rows
3 rows
Matched Motor
0.3-0.6 Hectare/H
Dimension ( L*W*H)
7660*2670*3150 mm
Whole weight
6050 Kg
Suitable spacing
450-850 mm
Perfect Row Spacing
Lowest Height of Ears
Minimum Stubble Height
Ground Clearance
Oil consumption
≤ 30Kg/Hec
Working Speed
1.5-3.5 km/h
Running speed
1.78-20 km/h
Working Width of field straw chopper
Cutter Type
Flail Knife Type
Grain Tank Capability
2500 L
Diesel tank
Steering model
Cutter header up and down
Unloading Type
Hydraulic unloading
Max. unloading grain
1990 mm
Grain Loss Rate
Broken Rate
Qualified Rate of Cut Straw Length
Loss Rate of Ears