About 4YZ-3B Tractor-mounted Corn Picker

4YZ-3B self-propelled corn harvester combines corn picking, husking, husk chopping, straw returning, and corncob collecting into one unit. With a small turning radius, the harvester is well suited to a narrow road and small patches of corn harvesting. The machine can harvest 3 rows at the same time. Small investments and quick returns.

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Advantages of 4YZ-3B Corn Harvester

1. Short body length, small turning radius, flexible turning, high work efficiency.
2. Adopt a turbocharged engine, high power, and low fuel consumption.
3. Front-mounted straw returning system avoids tires rolling the straw, good straw chopping effect.
4. Corn husker adopts 16 rolls with unique guide flow devices, high husking efficiency, fast harvesting speed, good husk effect.
5. Equipped with a corn husk chopping system, which can chop the husk into small pieces after corn husking for returning to the field.
6. Adopt corn harvester special used drive axle, stable and reliable performance, durable in use.
7. With the electronic monitoring screen installed in the cab, the driver can monitor the situations in the corncob tank and the rear of the harvester in time, preventing tank overfilling and increasing backing safety.

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How to Harvest Corns?

1. After the corn stalks are guided into the gap of the counter-rotating rolls, they will be pulled downwards by the rolls, and the corncobs will then be snapped off for its large diameter.
2. The corncobs are conveyed into the corn husker by the lifting conveyor, while straws are chopped by the flail knives to return to the field.
3. Husked corncobs fall into the corncob tank while husks enter into the corn husk chopping system and are chopped into small pieces.
4. Chopped husks are discharged from the outlet on the side of the harvester and return to the field. When the corncob tank is full, the driver can turn it over conveniently to unload the corncob.

small farm use mini combine harvester for corn harvesting

Specifications of 4YZ-3B Corn Combine Harvester

Matched Power74kW(101hp)
Fuel Consumption≤35kg/ha.
No.of Harvest Rows3
Row Spacing530-630mm
Width of Header2050mm
Max. Discharge Height2000mm
Lowest Picking Height550mm
Working Efficiency0.26-0.55ha./hour
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)6520*2150*3200mm