Introduction of Electric Olive Harvester

WR-260 electric olive harvesting machine is specialized designed for picking nuts from the nut tree in the orchard. It is equipped with 12V direct current electrical motor. It’s designed with high strength aluminum metal alloy inside and outside tubes and high strength plastic rakes. Commonly almost all the nuts in fruit trees can be picked by this machine. Besides electric type olive pickers, we also have gasoline type olive harvester, which is suitable for places where electricity is restricted.

electric olive harvest machine

Advantage of Electric Olive Picking Machine

1. Compact structure, good appearance, and easy operation.
2. Long telescopic pole length: 2.2-3.0m.
3. Lightweight and good strength: the inside and outside tubes adopt high-strength aluminum alloy.
4. Highly durable rake: adopts high-strength engineering plastic.
5. Convenient and practical: 12 V DC motor power, can be driven by various power sources including special storage battery, car battery, AC power ballast, small household generators, etc.

details of olive harvester nut shaker

Application of Electric Olive Picker

WR-260 electric olive harvesting machine is especially suitable for Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, Syria, Israel, Tunisia, and other countries where olive trees widely grow.

electric olive walnut date harvester olive harvest machine for fruit nut harvesting

Why Need Olive Harvester Machine?

Olive oil has many uses such as an ingredient of beauty products apart from in the kitchen. But it takes five kilos of olives to make one liter of oil. And processing olive fruits from the tree in 4 hours is a key factor in making Extra Virgin olive oil. So picking olive fruits is a very high cost in labor. Our Olive harvester machine enables you to do this by helping you to remove fruit in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Technical Data of Electric Olive Harvesting Machine

Type of MotionVibration
High Power DC Motor140W
Operating Voltage12VDC
Average Consumption8A
Width of Rake Head260mm
Cable Length12M/15M
Weight(with cable)5.0KG
Weight(without cable)3.4KG
Packing Size214*17*28
RemarkElectric Mode