Brief Introduction of 4U Series Potato Harvester

Our potato harvester is used for harvesting root crops or fruit like potatoes, carrots, garlic, and other crops that are under the ground. It can unload automatically. The anti-grass winding function of the machine enables harvesting with seedlings without any blocking. This machine has been granted with two patents including a utility model and outline design. We have three models for your reference. They are all two rows harvester. More models are available upon your requirement.

Potato harvester for sale

root crops can be harvested by this potato picker

Advantages of 4U Series Potato Harvester

1. High working efficiency. For our model 4U-3, productivity can reach 0.5-0.7 ha./h.
2. Low breakage rate, making your potato in the whole form. The breakage rate of the machine is less than 2%.
3. Light & quick running without vibration.
4. Simple structure, convenient for transportation and storage.
5. Long service life, you need not bother replacing it in the near future.
6. No grasses blocking and leakage soil faster. You will not be troubled by blocking.
7. The residual agricultural film can be extracted so as not to affect the growth of subsequent crops.

Application of 4U Series Potato Harvester

4U series harvester has wide applications. It can not only be used for harvesting potatoes, but also for the harvest of garlic, Pachyrhizus, peanut and other subterranean rootstalk crops.

potato digger for potatoes harvesting

Composition of Potato Harvester

4U series potato harvester is composed of the ground wheel, digging shovel, vibration sieve, etc. It is mounted with the tractor with the back power output shaft (PTO rotating shaft), bearing the characteristics of compact conformation, easy setup action, and strong maneuverability, etc.

Working Principle of Potato Harvester

* The tractor transmits its power via the PTO shaft to the digging shovel, for it digging up the soils and potatoes.
* The digging shovel makes potatoes and soil separate through vibration sieve.
* The soil drips down from the clearance of the vibration sieve.
* The potatoes roll down onto the soils from the back of the machine.

Technical Data of 4U Series Potato Harvester

Row Number222
Row Spacing55-80cm55-80cm55-80cm
Total Weight700kg420kg1200kg
Working Depth25cm25cm25cm
Working Width1.65m1.65m1.65m
Potato-exposing Rate≥96%≥96%≥96%
Breakage Rate≤2%≤2%≤2%
REV of Power Take-off Shaft560RPM560RPM560RPM