Introduction of 4G-120S Corn/Sesame/Reed Harvester

4G-120S harvester or swather is a walk type self-propelled mini harvester with a 7hp diesel engine or gasoline engine. We could also attach the cutter head to the tractor (25hp or more). This harvester is used to reap sesame, reed, and alfalfa by cutting and laying down the straw onto the filed for drying in the sun, trim in rows. It’s also suitable for rice, wheat, barley, highland barley, soybean that of 0.5-1.2 meters high and 1.2 meters in width. As it has a small volume and lightweight, so it is suitable for the area with inconvenient traffic.

sesame harvesting machine

Features of 4G-120S Sesame/Reed Harvester

1. Compact construction, reliable and well performance, easy operation, and repair. Largely save your effort in operation and maintenance.
2. Small volume and lightweight. Mobility flexible and saving space for storage.
3. Strong applicability. Suitable in the area with inconvenient traffic.
4. High efficiency. It can harvest about 0.27-0.37 hectares per hour. Equals 20 times of manual labor.
5. Low oil consumption. It just needs about 1.2liters of oil.

Application of 4G-120S Harvester

4G-120S harvester is composed of a header with knife bar, reel, conveyer belt, etc. This corn harvester is especially suitable for the harvest of single upright crops including corn sesame, reed, alfalfa, rice, wheat, soybean, barley & highland barley in small fields, mountainous region, hilly area and the area where the straw is required to be utilized. It is also suitable for wicker and sorghum.

corn harvester working in the corn field

Technical Specification of 4G-120S Harvester

Working Width1.2m
Matched Power8HP
Total Loss Rate<1 %
Laying Angle90 ± 20°
Packing Size1.45*1.08*0.77m
Gross Weight 290kg

Harvest Your Reed with Mini Harvester

reed harvesting machine
Reed mainly grows in sloppy places such as pond, marshland, alongside the riverbank, shallow stream, and irrigation channels often form reed pond. Manual harvesting features high workload, high labor intensity, bad working environment, low harvest efficiency, low harvest quality, and large cost. Meanwhile, reed pond is often the epidemic area where schistosomiasis reproduces and spreads. Thus, mechanical harvesting becomes urgent. Our 4G-120S reed harvester is small in size so as to suitable for wetland and small in investment. Meanwhile, high efficiency largely releases the pressure of human labor. Besides, this machine can also harvest rice, soybean, and other crops. It is quite a good choice to start harvesting your crops by 4G-120S harvester.