Introduction of 4K-90 Rice/Wheat Reaper-binder

4K-90 reaper-binder, equipped with a self-propelled mechanism, is specially designed for harvesting wheat, rice, sorghum, or other grain crops with the low stem. The function of this binder is harvesting and binding grain crops in a single operation automatically. These sheaves are then piled up into conical stooks, being dried for several days before being threshed. Matched with diesel engine Mitsubishi GT600, it is highly adaptable to work in plains, hills, slopes, and mountain areas or the areas where is not available for the general harvester.

rice reaper binder

Advantages of 4K-90 Reaper-binder

1. Cutting and binding simultaneously, efficiently reducing the heavy manual work and working time.
2. Adjustable handle: Up and down 90°, around 360°. More flexible adapt to different environments.
3. The height of the stubble and bundling size can be adjusted.
4. Equipped with differential turning system, flexible to operate.
5. Low stubble height is convenient for the future management of fields.
6. Compact structure, lightweight, and reliable performance make it easy to control.
7. Shaft drive system guarantees stable and safe work.
8. 5 shift to select according to the workers’ height when working in sloping fields or height limited gardens.
9. Special designed string for bundling is easily smashed in the thresher, no harm to the thresher.

wheat reaper binder details

4K-90 Reaper-binder Working Principle

4K-90 reaper-binder mainly consists of an engine, stalks conveying device, power transmission system, walk device, cutting unit, and binding unit.
When the reaper-binder works, first the stalks are separated by a divider and cut off by cutter. Then under the help of the conveying chain and spring guide, the cut stalks are transported to the binding device. After binding into bundles, the bundles will be released and thrown on the right of moving direction, thus finishing the reaping and binding process.

How to Harvest the Lodging Crops?

When harvesting the lodging crops, adjust the front panel of the divider to the position that nearly close to the ground. After the adjustment, if the reaper-binder is still not easy to work, the assistant divider is another choice. Then the harvest direction should be back or side of the lodging crops.

tractor mounted reaper binder application

Technical Parameters of 4K-90 Reaper-binder

Overall dimensions2050*950*1050mm
Diesel engine power4KW/5.5HP
Rated speed1800r/min
Bundling wayAutomatically
The minimum cutting height45cm
Total weight240kg
Petrol engine power5.7KW/7.5HP
Driven SystemBelt and shaft driven
Header typeVertical
Strapping height290mm