Chili Seedlings Transplanter Introduction

The chili pepper transplanter is an ideal machine to transplant chili pepper in interplanting farming soil, which is researched by advanced technology and unique design to achieve the best transplanting efficiency. This transplanter machine can complete the processes of ditching, transplanting, and earthing. Meanwhile, it can also be used for transplanting rapes.

transplanter for chili

Pepper Seedlings Transplanting Machine Features

* Multifunctional applications with ditching, transplanting, and earthing purpose.
* Compact structure and small machine body to be suitable for the interplanting field.
* High productivity, 15-20 times than labor planting.
* Reliable working performance and high operational flexibility.
* Quick transplanting speed to save much labor cost.
* Adjustable transplanting depth, row spacing, and plant spacing.
* Lower breakage rate of chili pepper and higher survival rate of seedlings.
* Only need 3 labors to operate to achieve the whole transplanting process.
* Best transplanting effectiveness, uniform row spacing, plant spacing, and transplanting depth, playing an important role in chili pepper growing.

vegetable seeding transplanter application

Pepper Seedlings Transplanter Working Principle

The chili pepper transplanting machine puts seedlings disc in motion though rotation between cycle chains and chain wheels when reaching the transplanting mouth, the seedlings will fall down into it, and then the transplanting mouth will ditch furrow to transplant the chili pepper via rotating of eccentric gears and cam gears, after that, the earthing wheels begin to cover and press the soil to accomplish one-time circulation.

Pepper Seedlings Transplanting Machine Technical Parameters

500 m²/h
Matched Power
Row No.
Working Speed
Row Spacing
Plant Spacing
Seedings Height
Leakage Rate
Breakage Rate