Introduction of 2BJG Series Corn Precision Seeder

2BJG series corn precision seeders are driven by four-wheel tractors, applicable for corn, soybean, and peanut seeding and fertilizing in various fields. The corn precision seeder can complete the whole process of loosing soil, ditching, fertilizing, seeding, and covering soil at one process. Therefore, the precision seeder lessens the steps of work, reduces the cost of operation, and satisfies the requirements of different areas. It has gained much popularity due to its multifunction, high adaptability, and flexibility.

tractor mounted corn seed planter

Corn Precision Seeder Characteristics

1. Seeding and fertilizing simultaneously can shorten the working time and improve production efficiency.
2. Adopt a bucket wheel seed-metering device, one seed for one hole, saving the seeds.
3. Seeding in the normal direction, the machine can work with high speed.
4. Mounted three-point linkage makes it convenient to operate the machine.
5. Adjustable hole spacing, row spacing, seeding capacity, and working width by changing the driven gear.
6. The profile modeling structure guarantees uniform seeding and consistent sowing depth.
7. The number of seeding rows can be customized.

farming mechanical corn seeder details

How to Choose Corn Seeds?

The choice of corn varieties is determined by the soil condition, moisture, climate, and temperature in various regions. The corn precision seeder has strict requirements for the seeds. Check the selected corn varieties before planting is essential. Cleanliness, purity, and germination rate of the seeds should be no less than 98%, 97% and 95% respectively. And the moisture content is about 14%. To the unqualified seeds, impurity removal and dehydration processing are necessary. Besides, do coating or presoaking in pesticides can improve seed quality.

2BJG Series Corn Precision Seeder Technical Parameter

Out Dimension
Adapt Ridge Space
500-700 four ridges
500-700 three ridges
500-700 six ridges
Matched Power
Seeding Device Style
Bucket-wheel seeding device
Fertilizing Device Style
Nylon big outside groove pully
Fertilizing Depth
Below the seed 30-70/same depth with the seed
Fertilize Ditch Opening Device
Shovel style ditch opening device
Fertilize Amount
150-540kg/acre Granular fertilizer(adjustable)
Sowing Amount Per Acre
Sowing Ditch Opening Device
Furrow style ditch opening device
Sowing Depth
30-50mm under the earth surface
Soil Cover Device Type
Disc soil cover device
Connecting Method
Three-point back hang
Transmission Type
Ground wheel transmission
Adapted Speed
Adapted Crop
 Corn, Soybean