Rotary Tilling and Fertilizing Corn Seeder Introduction

Rotary tilling and fertilizing corn seeder is matched with a tractor for corn seeding and fertilizing in the untilled farmlands. It consists of a rotary cultivator and bucket wheel seeder, which are connected through three points linkage. The combined corn seeder can complete the processes of loosing soil, ditching, fertilizing, planting, covering the soil in one operation, thus reducing the frequency of tractor entering into the farmlands. Besides, the rotary cultivator and bucket wheel seeder can be used independently.

corn seed seeder

Rotary Tilling Corn Seeder High Spotlights

1. Multiple-use of the machine reduces the investment, lightens the labor intensity of farmers, and raises production efficiency.
2. The seeding rate of the seed-metering devices is precise, qualified seeds reach more than 90%.
3. High precision of hole spacing and row spacing makes plants distribute well. Individual superiority can be given full development.
4. Both the fertilizer and seed openers adopt double-disc type, avoid blocking.
5. The row spacing and working width can be adjusted by changing the gear ratio of the gearbox.
6. The transmission shafts of each row are integrated together as a whole, working at a consistent speed. The transmitting power is so strong that the seeder can work normally even one ground wheel slip occasionally.
7. Applicable for wheat seeding can through replacing the bucket wheel corn seeder assembly with wheat planting assembly.

corn planter with fertilizer hopper for corn seeding in the farm

Pay Attention to the Safe Operation

1. It is forbidden to put the plow blade in to the soil before starting the machine, also, put the plow blade into the soil violently is prohibited.
2. A sharp turn and reverse when working can damage the machine. Lift the machine up when turn or reverse is needed.
3. Cut off the power when clearing the grass or sundries tangling around the machine or changing the colter.
4. The tractor should keep a consistent speed and reduce the stops in case of the accumulation or shortage of seeds or fertilizer.

Corn Seeder Technical Data

Row Spacing500mm(adjustable)
Max Fertilizing Amount60Kg/mu
Seeding Amount1.5—2.8Kg/mu
Matched Power51.5~73.5Kw(70~100hp)