Brief Introduction of Double Disc Wheat Seeder

Double-disc wheat seeder is a multifunctional planter, which completes leveling the land, ditching, sowing, fertilizing, covering soil, and ridging in one operation. Connected with the four-wheel tractor through three-point linkage, it is applicable for wheat drilling in plain, hills, and mountain areas.
It has become a dedicated machine for wheat planting due to its good performance, safe operation, and low miss-seeding rate. We have various models for your choice.

disc seed drill

wheat seeder machine application for planting grain seeds

Main Features of Double-Disc Wheat Seeder

* Light type double-disc opener makes ditching, sowing and fertilizing smoothly in the straw returning fields.
* Disc openers adopt spring floating mechanism, efficiently avoid miss-seeding even one disc opener is blocked.
* Sowing depth, sowing and fertilizing capacity and row spacing can be adjusted according to the local requirements.
* The disc opener can be changed for the arrow shovel type in the field of no straw returning.
* Seed-metering device is driven by the land wheel, convenient to use.
* Earth banking apparatus can be adjusted for both ridging and filling ditch without stopping the machine.
* Spare parts of wheat seeder have strong versatility and interchangeability.
* Reliable safety device and warning signs.

details of Disc wheat seeder

Tips on Wheat Seeder Operation

※ After the correct connection between seeder and tractor, the rack should keep horizontality.
※ Seeding in the edge of the field first in case of the insufficient sowing depth due to the hard rolling.
※ Observe the work condition of the seed-metering device, opener, covering device, and transmission mechanism.
※ A sharp turn and reverse when working are forbidden. Lift and lower the wheat seeder slowly in case of the damage.
※ Seeds volume in the conditioner must be more than 1/5 of the seed conditioner volume.

Double-Disc Wheat Seeder Technical Parameters

Overall Dimension1560*1780*980mm1660*2280*980mm1600*2650*960mm1600*2650*960mm
Matched Power12-18hp30~50hp30~50hp30~50hp
Sowing/Fertilizing Row9(adjustable)141616
Row Space (adjustable)160mm160mm220mm220mm
Max Fertilizing Amount(adjustable)447-895kg/ha447-895kg/ha447-895kg/ha447-895kg/ha
Max Sowing Amount(adjustable)447kg/ha523kg/ha523kg/ha523kg/ha
Sowing/Fertilizing Depth20-50mm20-50mm20-50mm20-50mm