No-tillage Corn Fertilization Seeder?

No-tillage corn seeder, a multifunctional integral agricultural machine, is matched with four-wheel tractors for seeding precisely and banding crystalline fertilizer in no-tillage fields of plain or hill areas. It realizes the ditching, deep scarification, fertilizing, seeding, and soil covering at the same time.
The one-time and whole layer placement of fertilizer saves much labor, improves the fertilizer utilization rate, and increases the grain output and rural income. We also offer rotary tilling and fertilizing corn seeder for your choice.

no-tillage subsoiler fertilizer precise corn planter

Main Features of No-tillage Corn Seeder

* Good operational performance satisfies the sowing request of various fields.
* Adopt three-point linkage, convenient to operate.
* Fertilizing in a different layer, and the depth of base fertilizer reaches to 25cm.
* High seeding precision, the qualified rate of seeds is above 80%.
* Seeder adopts a profile modeling structure, ensuring the uniform seeding and the same depth.
* The seeding capacity, row space, and working width are adjustable.
* Widen the distance between openers, avoiding the blockage.
* Single grain or double grain sowing guide wheel for your choice. Single grain sowing guide wheel is suitable for selected seeds, and the other for general seeds.

corn seeder planter with fertilizer application

Use and Maintenance of Corn Seeder

1. Do the test before seeding, and adjust the corn seeder to the expected condition. Then check the depth of seeding regularly when the machine works normally.
2. Observe the operation condition of the corn seeder’s every part at any time. Timely tighten the loose parts.
3. Observe the working condition of the opener. Stop the machine immediately if there is a phenomenon of grass tangling, blockage, and hilling.
4. Grease the lubrication points, avoid accelerating the abrasion.
5. After the work quarterly, clean the mud thoroughly, tighten the bolts, change the seriously worn spare parts, add lubricates, oil the cutting edge of the opener in case of the rust, and store the seeder in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

No-tillage Corn Seeder Technical Parameter

Matched Power30-40Hp50-80Hp75-90Hp>90Hp
Row Spacing120mm60mm60mm60mm
Sowing Depth30-50cm30-50cm30-50cm30-50cm
Fertilizing Amount80kg/mu80kg/mu80kg/mu80kg/mu